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Marriage License for Online Wedding

Marriage License for Online Wedding


What is a Marriage License?

In brief, all couples who want to get married must first procure a marriage license. The marriage license allows a couple to legally participate in a wedding ceremony to solemnize the marriage before the expiry of the license, no matter the wedding is held virtually or in-person physically. For information about the requirements of a legal virtual wedding, please go to how to get married online legally.

How to get a Marriage License for your Online Wedding?

Traditionally, the couple must present themselves at the license office to apply for a marriage license. Luckily, it is no longer the only way to get your marriage license. Now the whole process of application can be done without the physical presence of the wedding couples in the USA!  
Better still, there are no special residency or citizenship requirements for the application for a marriage license. In other words, you are qualified to get married online legally without a US citizenship or even if you are not living in the USA! 
To get your marriage license for marrying online, our team will work with you to file all required information and documents to the license office. For successful applications, your approved marriage license will take a digital form saved on the web database. If the marriage license application is not approved, we will simply refund all your fees. 

Why is the Marriage License important for the registration of your online virtual wedding?

Before the wedding day, the obtained marriage license has to be provided to the officiant for preparing the virtual wedding ceremony. Your marriage license will be stored digitally on the web and the wedding officiant will use it to register all necessary information to finalize your marriage certificate as well as the whole marriage registration. 

Need Some Help?

No worries, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about getting your marriage license. We are happy to guide you through the whole process of getting married legally online!