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How do you do online wedding ceremony?


Virtual Web Conferencing Wedding

In a virtual wedding ceremony, all participants will be connected through video conferencing software (such as Zoom). During the web-conference wedding, a law-authorized officiant will host the ceremony and make sure all legal requirements of the wedding are met. The marrying couple and at least 2 witnesses over 18 years old must be present in the video conference so that the officiant can verify their identities and clearly see and hear them in real time. The host location of the online wedding will be set within the USA to establish the jurisdiction for the legal marriage.

Taking Marriage Vows & Signing Marriage Certificate

During the online virtual wedding, the marrying couple will be given a chance to take the marriage vows and affirm their willingness to enter into a marriage commitment legally. The marriage certificate will be signed digitally, where digital signatures are considered as legally binding as paper signatures. 

Marriage Registration

While there is pretty much flexibility as to the format of the virtual wedding ceremony based on the wishes of the wedding couples, our previous couples used to go for a simple ceremony of about 30 minutes to tie the knots. After the wedding, the officiant will finalize the marriage certificate based on the marriage license and proceed to file all required details to the license office for proper registration of the marriage record. As proof of the marriage, the couple will receive their official marriage certificate one in digital format and one in paper form. 

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